About Us

We Are Awesome

We are changing time. We are not flawless, but we have a transpired awesomeness which is making marketing seamless and effective. We are genuinely anti-norm, but we have the finesse to make this world paper-free per se better place for living.

We Follow

The Latest Trends

It’s the free-flow of nature that aspires us to set up or to follow new things. Communication system is fascinating people with its amazing speed, and its nature is bringing people around the world closer than any given time before. We are aspired to create one for future.

We’ve Won

Your Trust

Any job well done is valuable, but to us, more valuable is our commitment to work in the right direction to ensure ROI for our valued clients, to build trust and most importantly to uphold it. It’s your trust that we value.

Two things that define us:
creativity and technology.

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Data Driven

Data is the key element to plan, design and activate campaigns. We tend to measure success by number.

Open Minds

We set our windows open to exchange our ideas with the entire world, as we believe that we get more as we share.

Totally Responsive

We do not have odd hours, or even. Even as we set for Mars, we response fast, and NO call drops either.

Hot Design

Design is in the clients' eyes, just like beauty is in the lover's eye. It's good as you love it.

Story Teller

There's a story behind a story published. We walk extra miles to find the story that you want to tell. Even the most ordinary story becomes extra-ordinary, for the careful touches and efforts.


We are a complete digital agency catering all your needs from a single platform. We are always researching and creating within our office today, to serve your future needs.

Web Lead

Nagib Mahfuj

Video Content Developer

Shahriar Nazim

Graphic Designer

Faisal Asif

Game Developer


Our individual differences create a spectrum of ability meeting your needs uniquely.

We Make Awesome Campaign

We make sure, that your voice is heard to your target audience. Everything is tailor-made, as we go by proven data, and if data is to believe, then yes, we make awesome campaigns.

Setting Up Trends

Concept, technology and design merged at its best with Robi Paris Getaway Valentines Day Campaign. This successful implementation of social media campaign into real time event was one of its kind.

Breaking Bad

Digital Advertising has been changing perspectives of society. Women empowering campaigns are more into mobility from brands perspectives, and that's also reflecting on social behavior. Kumarika Ms. Natural campaign is breaking barriers.

Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.


Cups of Coffee

Welcome to SoftwindTech and have a cup of coffee anytime at our premise. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Awards Won

Awards are simple. We are winning hearts.


Satisfied Clients

There is no such tool to measure satisfaction. The feedback comes from work, and from the willingness of our clients that they keep on working with us all through the years.


Projects Finished

Since we started working, we have grown with our clients, and that has reflected through our projects accomplished and projects those are still rolling.