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Website Maintenance

The maintenance of websites is an integral part of the business. They need to be updated at regular intervals, whether there are 2 products or 200 products. As the best service provider for website maintenance, SWT offers the best maintenance services for websites in Bangladesh at a very affordable price. Our services include but are not limited to, improvements to website code, changes to content, updates and adjustments, connection building, recent SEO strategies, etc.

Our top website maintenance services help you stay at the top of the search engine results list. There are many customized plans for maintaining a website to keep the business running. A suitable website maintenance plan can be selected from a wide list of options that are suitable for business needs.

In order to keep the content of the website current, all the sites need to be maintained.

At SWT we create a professional website maintenance service plan for different websites. Website maintenance involves modifying, editing, or modifying existing web pages to keep your website up to date with unique and high-quality content. In search engine listings, a site can only be “buried” without taking into account and updating the new rules.

It is an essential and time-consuming job to keep the website up to date and fresh regularly. But for every organization that has a website, it is also a very critical feature. It is important to keep your website visitors up to date, not only from a user perspective, but also from a search engine perspective, and to interact with live and relevant content.

Below are important reasons why you should keep your own website updated

– Keeps your audience busy

– Maintains your professional image

– Good for search engines

– Helps to increase visitors

– Adds value to your business

Once your website is launched online, the following are required

  1. Website maintenance.
  2. Web site management
  1. Website maintenance.

Your website should fail 24/7 online. If your website is scheduled for a major overhaul or web site rebuild, your customers should be informed about the web site maintenance schedule.

We regularly review broken links, images, check the functionality of the database, etc.

We provide website maintenance reports for individual folders and web pages on your site.

  1. Web site management

We provide website management services on a number of ecommerce and corporate websites.

Website management includes the following:

Website traffic analysis. We analyze from your website traffic logs, patterns of visitors.

Reporting: We provide traffic analysis reports.

Tips and suggestions: From traffic analysis reports, we suggest changes and modifications to improve the user experience.

Our website maintenance services include:

  • Individually updated
  • Update the blog with fresh content
  • Regularly review convenient improvement options
  • Maintain a calendar or news of your latest event
  • Adding new functionality (forms, galleries, blogs, online stores, etc.)
  • Improving the design of your website
  • Improving your website
  • Rewriting old components
  • Upgrading your plugins or semi
  • Adding a new category or page to your site
  • Efficiency problem solving
  • Websites offer a variety of maintenance services to keep you fresh.
  • Our team can resize images for your site
  • Our team can maintain and clean the website
  • Our team can perform software website patches and upgrade your software like Joomla and WordPress
  • We can maintain your site as well as provide regular updates
  • We are committed to strategic collaborations and relationships for the long term. We will be involved in managing apps as well as designing apps to really compliment your company with our awesome skills.

With our Website Maintenance Agreement, you are entitled to modify text on existing websites. Website maintenance includes:

  • Deleting web pages.
  • Graphic editing on web pages.
  • Web pages are being redesigned.
  • Maintain a calendar or news of your latest event.
  • Adding to web pages.

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