Unilever: Pure It


Unilever is not only a famous brand in Bangladesh, it has gained worldwide recognition around the world. Their products are used in almost every household in every corner of the world. One of their products is known as Pure It which is a water filtering and storage system. Best part about it is that it requires no gas stoves to purify the water. In the holy month of Ramadan, Pure It wanted to advertise their product and help Muslims keep track of Ramadan timings.
To do this, we designed a campaign which to be run in local newspaper and google network as banner advertisement. This advertisement contained a Iftar countdown for every day and showed which date is it in the Ramadan calendar. This application was not only for the people of Dhaka, it was also useable by anyone living in any of the sixty four districts of Bangladesh. At the top of the advertisement, there was a drop down menu which had all of the districts and the user could select their desired district.